Honestly, If I can do it, then so can you! From an overweight teen (who hated exercise) to now working in London as a Personal Trainer- I could never have predicted the path my life would take. But I couldn't be happier or healthier and I want that for you too!

Big changes don't happen overnight- this has been 5 years in the making! But start 2016 by changing little habits- maybe challenge yourself to workout for 30 mins 3 x a week! Or even simple things like taking the stairs instead of the lift or escalator! 
Start by drinking more water each day & getting 8 hours of sleep each night. These little differences will soon help you FEEL good and ready to make more significant changes. 
One step at a time. 
Make 2016 a year of HEALTH - and p.s that looks different for everyone, be careful not to compare yourself to others. 

- Tally Rye