Protein Cinnamon French Toast Squares

    Protein Cinnamon French Toast Recipe

    Hey Guys, I have teamed up with Warburtons to give on old favourite breakfast recipe a new twist! Now if you follow me on Snapchat, you will see that I love to have a high protein breakfast of eggs most mornings. Well, this recipe is a great way to get your eggs in on the days when you have that sweet craving too! Also, by subbing out bread for a wrap, this recipe feels like you're eating little french toast pancakes! Perfect for a weekend brunch. 



    - 1 large egg

    - 1 Warburtons Protein Wrap

    - 1/4 tsp Cinnamon (or to your taste)

    - Squeeze of Honey or Agave

    - Coconut Oil


    - 3 Tbsp Greek Yoghurt

    - Berries of Choice




    1. Cut the wrap into 8 square pieces using a sharp knife. 
    2. In a shallow bowl, beat together 1 egg, almond milk, cinnamon and a squeeze of honey (to your taste). 
    3. Lightly grease a non-stick frying pan with coconut oil and put on a medium heat. 
    4. Meanwhile, take each square and soak in the egg mix, before adding to the frying pan. \
    5. Fry for 1-2 minutes each side, before transferring to a plate. 
    6. Add Greek yoghurt, berries & honey to serve or any toppings of your choice!



    A Healthy and Balanced Holiday

    A Healthy and Balanced Holiday


    Recently, I got the chance to go away with Natalie Glaze, a fellow fitness and lifestyle blogger. We went away for 4 days to Paphos, Cyprus for some much needed Vitamin D and boy did we get it, it was an average of 32 degrees every day we were there. We flew out with Monarch Airlines and stayed at the beautiful Almyra Hotel and Spa, which is right on the coast overlooking the Sea as you can see above. 

    It was the most beautiful setting for our little trip. Honestly we wanted to do a lot whilst we were there, sun bathe, swim in the infinity pool (seen below) workout in the Gym, do some Yoga and get pampered in the spa, visit the local town, get Gelato ( A MUST). Oh and of course, make sure we visited each of the 5 restaurants that the Almyra had to offer. So not alot then?!

    Natalie and I shared a similar ethos when it came to the holiday. We wanted to for the most part stay healthy and active, and indulge in our evening meals and local delicacies as we knew they were the parts that made the trip extra special for us.

    So I thought I'd share how we maintained a healthy balance whilst we were there!

    Healthy Habits

    These are the little things we did each day to make sure we were keeping active and healthy. Nothing crazy or extreme, just sensible tips to help us feel our best. 

    1) We did workouts every day! These workouts ranged from HIIT, to Weights, to Circuits to Yoga. Now if we went away for longer than 4 days, we most likely would have had some rest days too. But because our break was short, we decided to make sure we had a sweat sesh each day. You can see one of our full body HIIT Circuit in full on my YouTuve video below. 

    2) We made sensible choices at the Breakfast buffet. We knew that each evening we were going to have fairly indulgent meals. So we made to get in all our essential nutrients at breakfast, turning into almost a brunch as we mostly had lighter snack-y lunches. What did I get? I went for 2 eggs wither boiled or fried, with some Chicken, Salad bits etc. Followed by a plate of the sweet stuff! A bowl of Greek Yoghurt, Bircher Muesli, Nuts and local Honey as well as a plate of fresh fruit; grapefruit, watermelon etc. So we had a high protein breakfast with carbs and fats to fuel us up for the day. This would often be after our morning workout. Before we would have a healthy snack. 

    Breakfast at Eauzone Cafe

    3) I packed some healthy snacks. I personally hate the idea of going hungry, and so will forever have snacks in my bag to prevent this from EVER happening. For this trip I packed some Quest Bars, Bounce Balls, Nuts and Pip & Nut Sachets to keep us going. We were kindly given fruit on our arrival, and so would often snack on Apple + Nut Butter for a mid afternoon snack. We often had a bounce ball or quest bar prior to training.

    4) We drank lots of water. Neither Natalie or myself are big drinkers in terms of alchohol and so we didnt actually have any drinks whilst we were there. In the heat all we really wanted was Water, and these amazing Watermelon Coolers (Fresh Watermelon, Apple Juice & Coconut Essence). So dreamy. However even these type of drinks are packed full of sugars so we would only have 1-2 a day. 

    5) We stayed active. Besides the gym workouts, we made sure to go for walks, swim in the pool (which was amazing relief from the Sun) and explored the local town. From the Almyra to the Harbour was about a 15-20 minute walk each way and we enjoyed getting to explore the area and see the locals. 

    Balancing Out

    1) We chose to indulge in our evening meals. We ate some pretty spectacular meals at each of the restaurants the Almyra had to offer. My personal highlight was the tasting menu at Ouzeri , we enjoyed the most spectacular 3 course meal of Seafood ranging from Avocado Salads to Octopus to Sea Bream and lots of the most perfect taramassalata and warm homemade Pitta bread in between. All with the most stunning sunset as our backdrop! Of course, in true Tally style I still managed room for dessert and had the most creamy Greek Yoghurt, local honey and walnuts - so simple and yet I haven't had something that delicious in a while. 


    2) We cooled down with the best Ice Cream EVER.  My big recommendation for anyone visiting Paphos, is to head to the harbour and go to Cold Stone Creamery. This place has the most insane menu! Basically it's not your average ice cream parlour and you can create the best combos ever. I chose to have banana ice cream, which they put on a cold stone and then mix in your favourite toppings and fillings. I went for Peanut Butter (duh!) and Dark Chocolate Chips with Chocolate Sauce. They then mix it all up and pop it in a cone. Literally incredible. You MUST go to this place!

    3) We chilled out and pampered ourselves in the Spa. Within the Hotel, is the Almyra Spa which is a complete sanctuary. Its modern interiors are so refreshing and were the perfect escape from the heat. I made sure to take the opportunity to have a 60 minute deep tissue massage whilst there. Because we were working out whilst there, this was the perfect treatment to help my body recover and stay on top form. 

    On our last day we also got to experience the Anastasia Achilleos Method which is, quite frankly, the ultimate facial experience! The treatment lasted 90 minutes, whilst we laid on a warm floating mat. It included several facial treatments and a full body massage. My skin has honestly never felt better - I felt like a new woman!! It was the perfect end to our break, as I felt that my body had been refreshed and renewed. 


    A note to you

    So guys, if you're heading away on holiday over the next few weeks. DO NOT STRESS. Do not worry about working out every single day or making sure you maintain a super strict diet. A holiday is just that - a chance to have a break from the every day stresses of life, to escape the grind and to have some time just for YOU. Most likely you've been putting in the hours at the gym and being mindful of what you eat leading up to your holiday so now is the time to slightly take the foot off the gas. The hard work is done and now is the time to enjoy it!

    I personally like to stay active, and make good choices as it's all part of my balanced 80/20 approach. However, it is important to say had we gone away for longer I most likely wouldn't have trained everyday and instead chosen to stay active by going on walks and exploring more (my favourite thing to do!). 

    So whatever you do this Summer, please have fun! Remember to live in the moment and make memories with the people you love. 

    Happy travelling!






    Top 10:  Fitstagram 


    I am going to start doing a regular feature on the blog called 'My Top 10' - hopefully giving you an insight into the things I love in fitness, food, fashion or travel. 

    This time I wanted to talk about Instagram and a little bit about how it all started for me as well as who I have been following for fitspo for the last 3 years.

     I thought I would share with you my favourite fitness pages who I am still constantly looking for inspiration after all this time! I think it's worth mentioning that I currently follow over 900 accounts, so you can appreciate that this has actually been really hard to narrow down! 

    A little bit about me...

    After inundating my personal account on Instagram with healthy food & gym selfies 3 years ago, I decided I needed to create a separate account. And so @cleanfitlifestyle was born! This was my original username before changing to @tallyrye in 2015. I started posting LOTS of food pictures and recipes. My breakfast posts became a bit of a regular feature and soon I had a feed FULL of Oats! I even made an E-book full of all my favourite breakfast & healthy dessert alternatives. It was amazing to discover this online community who shared my passion for all things health & fitness - something I lacked in real life. 

    Today, I still share alot of breakfast and healthy meal recipes and ideas with you guys. More recently, since working as a Personal Trainer from late 2014, I have started to share more workout ideas through videos, which I LOVE doing and hope you like them too?! 

    Anyways, let's crack on with this Top 10 shall we?!


    1) @zannavandijk Zanna Van Djik 


    I started following Zanna waaaaay back in the early days when she was 'blondehealth' and only had a few thousand followers. I instantly thought 'I want to be friends with this girl, she too shares my love of nut butter'. When we met in 2014, we immediately bonded and I am proud to call this girl one of my closest friends and fellow creator of #GirlGains.

    I always found her ambition, drive and work ethic very inspiring. This applies to all aspects of her life, but the dedication she has shown to the fitness industry and beyond is very admirable. And like myself, I appreciate Zanna's down to earth, no bull-sh*t approach to social media and the positive message she wants to put out there. 


    2) @healthyfitvic Victoria spence 

    I started following Vicky after a few months after creating my own account. Her personal journey and transformation has been incredible to watch online, as well as personally. I met Vicky at the same time I met Zanna and am also really proud to call her an extremely close friend and the final piece of the pie that makes up GirlGains!

    If you didn't know, Vicky's story is truly inspiring. After battling with an eating disorder, she began her account to overcome it - and she did it in some style! Now she is a Personal Trainer, a past bikini champion and the creator of her own online coaching programme. I always go to Vicky to be uplifted and to be reminded to not comare myself, but to focus on loving myself flaws and all at all stages of my health and fitness journey. 

    3) @marie.wold Marie Wold 

    I have been following Marie since pretty much the day I started my own fitness account. Back in the day, Marie was known as @fitgirlfuel and posted awesome recipe ideas and shared parts of her journey. Fast forward to today and she was gone from strength to strength. Not only gaining over 90K followers, but competing in NPC Bikini shows. I like her workouts, admire her dedication to her lifestyle and love that she loves Quest Bars like I do. 




    4) @emilyskyefit Emily Skye 

    I'm not usually one for 'body goals' but for me Emily Skye is one of my body inspirations. She is strong, loves training glutes and rocks a bikini like no-one else. I also enjoy the fact, that she could simply just use her body to promote her own brand, but there is more to her than that! She believes in loving yourself no matter what, celebrating your flaws and not comapring yourself to anyone else - something which really resonates with me. And on a fashion note, I LOVE her colourful workout wardrobe. 



    5)@clean_eating_alice Alice Liveing

    Alice is not only the queen of poached eggs and amazing breakfasts, she is also one extremely talented lady. We both come from a drama school background, and I really admire Alice for persuing her passion for Musical Theatre AND Health & Fitness at the same time - don't underestimate how tough that is! Alice has also become a good friend, and I was blown away by her performance in the musical Annie.  I love Alice's account for amazing meal inspiration, fun workout videos and motivating selfies and I think you will too!



    6) @em_dunc Emily Duncan

    Em_Dunc is more than just a 'bikini athlete' on instagram. She doesn't train like a conventional body builder and quite frankly, does her own thing- and I love her for it. It's crazy to think that she's still at college, trains hard and competes with great success. I also like that she too believes in female empowerment and putting out a positive message. And on a more shallow note, her make-up game is incredibly strong. 



    7) @achievingbalance Tanya Poppett 

    This Aussie chick definitely brings a beautiful bit of sunshine to my Instagram feed. I have followed her for a few years and LOVE her awesome workout videos - I have tried a lot of her workouts over the years and they are always killer. I love her unique approach to working out as she's not your traditional gym bunny as she prefers to get outdoors and train in the park, on the beach or even on her balcony. 


    8) @madeleychloe Chloe Madeley

    The daughter of Richard & Judy, Chloe takes a no nonsense approach to fitness and I love it. I love following her because she takes a very sassy selfie, clearly works her butt off for her goals and really aims to educate people through social media and her website fitnessfondue.com. She also loves to keep it real and shows the not so glam side to fitness too which is really refreshing. 


    9) @twicethehealth Hannah Tyldsley & Emily Kier

    My favourite fitness duo, they make that square look a lot easier than it seems (trust me, I tried and failed epically)! From thier cute matching outfits, to delicious recipes and workout reviews, I can always count on these two to brighten my day and keep the fun in fitness. And as friends of mine, I love working out with them and trying to keep up with thier awesome running pace. Go check these two out!


    10) @thefoodmedic Hazel Wallace

    Hazel is another one who seemingly manages to do it all. She is about to graduate and become Dr.Wallace and yet also runs 'The Food Medic'. When I look at Hazel's instagram, I am always impressed how she dedicates time to training AND studying, and does both with great success. She makes amazing flexbowls and loves a cheeky HIIT workout - I check out Hazel for workout and nutrition inspiration. 


    Why I am going to Sierra Leone to run 10K!

    Hey guys, 

    It's been a few weeks and I wanted to take the time to really talk to you. What I want to write about is most definitely longer than a caption on Instagram, because that just doesn't fully do this subject justice! So please continue to read on...

    First off, the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT......

    I will be embarking on a trip to Sierra Leone in Africa at the end of May, to run my (second ever) 10K for charity! Not only that, but I will be joined by my two best friends Zanna Van Dijk and Vicky Spence


               Mark Gillett Photography


    We are heading out there with Street Child, a london-based charity with a passion for reaching further afield to help the worlds most vulnerable children. The aim of the trip is to work with the various projects they have established out there, meet the children, and most importantly meet the young women of Sierra Leone. The Street Child ethos is to educate, mentor and build a new Sierra Leone through future generations and we are honoured to be involved! Towards the end of our trip, it will be Race Day! The main events include (Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K and 5K). If you know me, you may know I am NO runner, so 10K in the heat will be a big challenge!!

    Over the past month or so, I have been meeting the team at Street Child and hearing more and more about their work. The workers are young, passionate and driven individuals who really want to make a fundamental change to the lives of children in Sierra Leone. The more I have heard about the current state of things over there, especially with regards to the young women - I am honestly horrified!

    Many girls do not have an education past the ages of 12. The girls who do continue through the education system are expected to trade sexual encounters for grades. Unsuprisingly many of the teenage girls fall pregnant due to this and therefore are unable to attend school and so are looked down upon in society. Once these teens are mothers, they do not have the education to enable them to start a business or to make a living. Of course, then the child suffers and is unable to have a proper education....and the cycle just continues. 

    Please read further information on this here.

         Mark Gillett Photography


    I feel beyond lucky to live in a society where I have been able to, as a young woman, have a great education, persue my dreams and build my own successful business, all by the age of 25. Therefore, I am so very passionate about meeting these young women who need to be told they are valued. To help them to strive for better, for change, for respect and for equality. 

    This is a 6-day trip on May 25th-31st , where we will work hands-on with the charity, experience all the cultural delights that Sierra Leone has to offer, as well as take part in Marathon Day! And the whole week will be celebrated with a big old beach party - which from what I have been told, sounds SO much fun! I have feeling this trip will be a rollercoaster of emotions and ultimately will be a life-changing experience. 

    If you feel passionately about reaching out to women, children, or those in need all over the world, then you can JOIN US TOO! We are hoping to take a team of women (and men!) to Sierra Leone. If you would like to take on the challenge then please read more HERE. And please check out www.sierraleonemarathon.com !


    * If you quote GIRLGAINS50 you will recieve £50 off your registration fee*. 

    You may think that the challenge itself is too much for you?! If so, I would kindly ask that you please follow this link to donate: 



    I will be taking you on this journey with me, through the training, fundraising and special events! Please follow my social media accounts to keep up to date: 

    Instagram: @tallrye

    Twitter @ToTallyfitlife

    Yubl: @tallyrye

    Snapchat: talitharye

    Thanks for reading and speak soon!

    Tally x

     Mark Gillett Photography





    Secret HIIT Club January 

    So you want to know EXACTLY what goes on at Secret HIIT Club? Well I'm going to give you the goss on what can only be described as the sweatiest HIIT Club to date! 

    So let's start with the facts: 

    Date & Time: Thursday 28th January 2016, 7pm-9:30pm

    Location: A conference room in WeWork Spitalfields - although we may have spilled out into the corridors (but more to come on that). 


    I led the group through a 45 minute HIIT workout that had also been written up on the board for full effect. We worked the whole body starting with a full body conditioning circuit, before focusing on lower body, upper body and core. The highlight of the workout had to be the Fitness Challenge! The lucky winner would win the brand new Polar A360 watch so compeition was fierce. The race was on to complete a ladder descending from 8 reps of each exercise to 1. Congrats to Holly, who absolutely smashed it and won in under 60 seconds!! Very impressive. Any you may have seen a few videos circulating on social media...but the room was so hot & sweaty (borderline bikram HIIT level) that we decided to take our workout into the corridors, much to the amusement of onlookers. 


    Of course, nobody goes hungry at Secret HIIT Club and post-workout feasting is always an important element of our events! We devoured tasty protein pots full of delicious and most importantly nutritious food WellFed to re-energise us for the rest of the evening.


    WellFed are a local business dedicated to making healthy & satisfying lunches for the city workers of London - and I have to say, we were all very impressed with thier offerings.

    This was then washed down with the refreshing Unoco Coconut water, my personal favourite way to restore the electrolytes lost from the body during the sweaty workout!




    As a group we sat and listened Ed Sherrington, the founder of WellFed, give his top tips to persuing your passions. He himself quit the corporate law world to create a start up health food business and so was hugely inspiring to listen to.        




    And what meal is complete without dessert?? We were treated to a variety of incredible sweet options from the team at Rhythm108. Thier 'dessert bars' were made into mini-s so we could try a bit of each. We had Banana Bread Peanut Butter, Chocolate Walnut Brownie Homemade Salted caramel date paste and Lemon Drizzle CoYo Yoghurt. Each one was divine! And everyone who came got to take a bar home in thier goodie bag too.


    At this point we once again, settled down to listen to the boys from Enhance Nutrition give us some pointers on how to set realistic and achieveable goals for the year. Of course, they spoke from a nutrition perspective and share a lot of helpful and useful ways to keep your diet on track by not only counting calories, but using visual methods too. It was great to hear real down to earth advice from two guys who believe in sustainable approaches to staying happy and healthy. 

    The group was a complete mix of girls, guys, mums, students and yet it was great to unite everyone in the same room as we all shared a passion and desire to be healthy and happy. It was so happy that at several points we opened up discussion to the group as everyone felt comfortable asking questions, debating ideas and supporting each others views. 

    A big thanks goes to Polar, WellFed, Unoco, Rhythm 108, Quest Nutrition, Munchy Seeds, Tribe, Hi-Pro and Active In Style for thier contributions to the event. 

    Now it's time to make our next event even bigger and better than before!

    If you would like to get the exclusive workout from January HIIT Club, as well as be the FIRST to find out when the next event is, please sign up to my newsletter at the bottom of the page!

    I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback on this event and find out what you would love to see next. So please feel free to leave a comment below. 

    Until next time, 


    Tally xx 


    The Blog is BACK

    Hello and Happy New Year!! 

    A big welcome back to my blog. I am ashamed to say it's almost a year since I have updated my blog! BUT this year is going to be different.

     I have made a resolution to give you guys more this year. More recipes, more workouts, more hints and tips, more insight into my life and share more knowledge that I hope to learn. 

    But first I want to tell you what i've been up to since I last updated the blog. 

    2015 was the year I established myself as a Personal Trainer, built my own brand and turned my passion into a career. And you know what? It has been one of the best to date. I can honestly say, when you love your job, 'work' doesn't feel like work. 

    I base my Personal Training busines at Fitness First Bishopsgate in the heart of the City of London. Monday-Friday, I train clients, teach Spin and also train myself there somewhere in between! I'm actually excited to say that right now, I have a few Personal Training spaces available so please get in touch asap via my website for more information if you are interested. 

    For the first 7 months of the year, I was working at HIIT Gym in Richmomd, which has since closed. It was there I found a passion and talent for creating and teaching HIIT classes to challenge all ages and ability. When HIIT Gym closed, it got me thinking on how I could bring this to the masses. And it was in late August that I created the Secret HIIT Club concept; a pop-up fitness & well-being event series. I am so excited to be hosting my 4th Secret HIIT Club in a matter of weeks make sure to click here for tickets. 


    I also teamed up with two of my best friends, Zanna Van Djik and Victoria Spence to create the hashtag, community and now Company; #GirlGains! This past year, we hosted events with Reebok Sports Club, did a live Q&A with Bounce UK in the window of WholeFoods High St Kensington and did a porridge cafe takeover to name just a few. If you have NO idea what I'm talking about, I suggest heading over to our site to find out how you too can be a GirlGainer and take part in these epic events!

    I really look forward to updating you regularly and I continue to share more of my journey to be healthy, happy in all aspects of my life. 

    Please comment below with what you want to see on the blog, I can't wait to hear your suggestions! 

    In the meantime, keep up to date via my social media channels: 

    Instagram: @tallyrye

    Twitter: @Totallyfitlife

    Facebook: Tally Rye Personal Training

    Snapchat: @talitharye


    Have a great week, 



    Health food-a-holic


    My name’s Tally, and I’m addicted to Health Foods. Or rather, just food.


    If you’re a follower of my Instagram account @cleanfitlifestyle you won’t be surprised to hear this! I personally find it really rewarding to take classic recipes and make a healthier version that has a lot more nutritional value…but as some of you may know, it can be quite costly. Therefore, I thought I would share some of my favourite health food shop buys and cupboard essentials, where I get them from and what I use them for!


    1. Unsweetened Almond Milk – Yep, I pretty much use this everyday…mainly for breakfast purposes. I.e to make Oats, Smoothies, Oatmeal Bake’s… But really the possibilities are endless! I’ve never been a fan of cow’s milk, and so this is a great alternative and the nutritional value is far greater.


    1. Coconut Flour – Okay, so this can be expensive. However I found that Biona make one that is around about £3-£4 a box, depending on where you buy. BUT it’s SO versatile for gluten free baking as well as making the best Pancakes ever!! Recipe on my Instagram here: https://instagram.com/p/zj0PWMJacR/?modal=true



    1. Chia Seeds – A fantastic little superfood that does seem expensive…however, go to your local health food shop, rather than a supermarket and you may find there’s a lot more choice and options that are better value for money. Because not only is it amazing when making Chia pudding, Overnight Oats and Chia Jam (to name a few) it’s also packed full of nutritional value. It’s rich in Omega 3’s, calcium, phosphorus and manganese to name a few.


    1. Coconut Oil – Invest in coconut oil! I like to buy a big jar, and when cooking, unless it’s for a specific recipe, I never use more than ½ tsp max. That means the jar just goes on and on and on. Not only that it’s a great source of saturated fat in my diet as well as the obvious benefit of it being delicious! You can use it for stir fries, in replacement of butter in recipes, in your coffee! Google 101 uses for coconut oil and you might be pleasantly surprised.



    1. Agave Nectar – Also known as Agave Nectar, it is a natural and unrefined sweetener made from the Agave plant. It is also Vegan.

    Perfect for sweetening any recipe, even in a cup of tea! I use this as a healthier choice to drizzle on my Oats, Pancakes, Yoghurt or in recipes for flapjacks etc.


    1. Quinoa – A fantastic grain that is once again PACKED full of protein, dietary fibre and is gluten free as well as being very straightforward to prepare. Check out your local supermarket’s ‘Health food’ section or with other grains and you should be able to get some at the fraction of the cost in comparison with some specialist health food shop alternatives.


    1. Cacao Nibs – I like to think of these as anti-oxidant rich chocolate chips. Cacao nibs are basically raw cacao aka chocolate. I love adding these on top of my Oats, pancakes, Yoghurt bowls in smoothies etc…so basically you’ve got dark chocolate sprinkles but with all the added benefits! If you haven’t tried them before, they are quite bitter – but the crunchy texture with a soft fruit such as banana is amazing.


    1. Brown Rice Pasta – Okay, so being Gluten Free, I hadn’t eaten pasta in a LONG time. However, one day I stumbled upon some Gluten free pasta in the local supermarket that was slightly different than your average gluten free penne because it had 1 ingredient as opposed to 10. That one ingredient? Brown rice. A slow releasing carbohydrate that is high in fibre…great or sustained energy and digestion. I recommend Doves Farm Organic Brown rice spaghetti and Rizopia Brown rice pasta. And once again, very straight forward to cook as it’s exactly the same as normal pasta!



    If there are any health foods, that you recommend I should try…then please let me know! I always love to find new things to try and experiment with! And if there’s an ingredient that you’re stuck for ideas as to what to do with it, leave a comment and I will get my thinking cap on.


    Thank you for reading…speak soon!


    Tally xx