I started my personal Health and Fitness journey whilst training at Drama school for a career in Musical Theatre. I started an overweight teen and became the healthiest and happiest I have ever been.

How you might ask?

I made a conscious decision that to improve my chances in a very competitive and physically demanding industry such as Musical Theatre, that I would need to become the best version of myself – inside and out.

This led to joining a gym, discovering a whole world of weight training, HIIT and functional training as well as refining my nutrition to best benefit my body. During this time, I also suffered with Digestion issues and through this researched and found out how to nourish my body in a healthy but delicious way.

Since this discovery, my career path has changed and I am now a fully-qualified Personal Trainer as well as having the opportunity to teach group classes such as Spin. In late summer 2015, I also launched my Pop-up event series Secret HIIT Club. I am also a co-founder and co-creator of #GirlGains.

My passion to help people find their own healthy balance has never been greater. I believe there are no ‘wrongs’, but instead a unique way for you to become the healthiest and happiest you have ever been through fitness and nutrition.